Pure Relaxation for a happy life!

Pure Relaxation for a happy life!


Most people experience muscle aches at some stage, with some suffering ongoing and/or serious muscular discomfort.

Classic Siam Thai Massage has a range of massages to suit everyone from soothing, relaxing hot oil or coconut oil massage, to remedial deep tissue, or traditional Thai massage – which involves a range of stretching, and no oil.

Research indicates that many physical problems are caused by stress, and that reducing stress can have a corresponding decrease on anxiety, enhance sleep quality, help concentration and reduce fatigue. This helps us live a happier life – so looking forward to, and experiencing, pure relaxation should be an important part of your life plan!

At Classic Siam Thai Massage we are here for your pure relaxation and comfort. Our clinic is 100% clean, premium quality and professional in every respect.

Select our massages page to see the different types available. You can book online, have a shower before or after, and just indulge in pure relaxation.

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